Tombstone Da Deadman – What If I Told You Lyrics

Naive person: Listen, I saw it on Natural News. No, no, but listen, it’s the GMOs. Illuminati, they everywhere
Tombstone: I know, take it easy, calm down. I know it’s scarey. I know you’re afraid. What I need you to do is just sit down and listen

[Verse 1]
What if I told you you could distrust the government
And still not believe all the bullshit that others coming with
What if I told you your suspicious rants are just that
And not enough data to consider so they just fall flat
What if I told you every claim must have its own merit
Biases is baggage that will not make evidence apparent
It seems you’re dragging down this conversation with this current
Wave of paranoia so it hampers you from ever learning
What if I told you you suffered from Dunning-Kruger effect
So experts in any given field you won’t respect
I bet you think that all your debunking is valid
But I see nothing with balance just a bunch of word salad
Just a ballad of misconstrued notions
Overstatements and speculations that rile up your compromised emotions
Look I understand the world is scary but is latching on to every conspiracy theory really necessary?

What if I told you none of the things you say expose truth
It’s quite the opposite homie… they just expose you
Your paranoia informs ya… what you think is true
Is only the reflection of the fear and you don’t have a clue
What if I told you you’re not a truth seeker
You calling people dumb, but see you’re not that bright either
I think you need a breather ’till you figure this out
And really think about it all before you open your mouth

[Verse 2]
What if I told you our physical senses are not infallible
In fact we’re easily fooled, our memories are malleable
Subject to be altered by the passage of time
And other factors that contribute to us changing our minds
And if you think that I’m lying go and study up on neuroscience
See why your reliance on eyewitness claims is not guidance
So when people say they saw a ghost or UFO
Apply a skeptical tone and see how conversations go
What if I told you you’re practically unbalanced
Opinions are corrupted cause you’re factually challenged
What’s worse is that you hardly ever seem to care
About the sources of your information when you share
They say that I’m not fair… because I scrutinize to brutalize
And label every foolish notion just a pack of stupid lies
But if you want to hear a “Sorry I apologize,”
I wouldn’t hold my breath cause you’ll be waiting for a long time

[Chorus x 1]

Naive Person: So you’re saying there’s nothing to be afraid of?
Tombstone: No, actually that’s not what I’m saying. I’m saying there are plenty of things to be concerned about, but, listen, you gotta use some critical thinking and fact checking. Stop this running and chasing behind your biases, man. You just afraid of every damn thing. So you looking for something that’s gonna reaffirm your fear. Chill with all that

[Chorus x 1]