Joe Modifica – Red Zone To The End Zone lyrics

From the Red Zone
To the End Zone

New England’s ready
Are you ready, too
We stand by our colors
Red, White and Blue
In the air and on the ground
The line is steady
Yards to be found

In the Red Zone
To the End Zone
From the Red Zone
To the End Zone

Brady’s ready
Steady and true
Anticipating this team will come through
From the mountains
To the sound
We are Patriots
New England bound

From the Red Zone
To the End Zone
From the Red Zone
To the End Zone

New England’s ready
Are you ready, too
We stand by our colors
Red, White and Blue
Through the ice and through the snow
The fans are there
The legend still grows

From the Red Zone
To the End Zone
From the Red Zone
To the End Zone

FRENCH MONTANA – Pop That lyrics

Don’t stop, pop that, don’t stop
Pop that pop that pop that

[Rick Ross]
Drop that n*gger bitch

I’m young Papi, Champagne
They know the face, and they know the name
Drop that n*gger bitch
What you twerkin with
Work, work, work, work, bounce
What you twerkin with

[French Montana]
Work, work, work, work, work, work
What you twerkin with
Throw it, bust it open
Show me what you twerk with
Ass so fat need a lap dance
I’m in that white ghost chasing Pac-Man
Hundred out the lot, I be leaning that Ciroc
Hundred large bring a mop
Cars tinted like Barack
Got a Brinks truck in my pocket
Thirty chains on my collar
Two drops, no mileage
Top off like Wallace
And I’m inhaling smoke, bitch know that
Filthy rich before rap
Your new deal, I throw that
Three beans I’m on that (Haaan)
We pop a molly, she buss it open (Haaan)
She seen the ‘gatti, that n*gger soaking


[Rick Ross]
I love my big booty bitches, my life a Godfather picture
Local club in my city, I fell in love with a stripper
Bitches know I’m that nigga
Talking four-door Bugatti I’m the life of the party
Let’s get these hoes on the Molly
You know I came to stunt
So drop that n*gger bitch
I got what you want, drop that n*gger bitch
Film it, film it this bitch want me to film it
Balling, balling like I play for New England
Spend it, spend it, spend a stack every minute
Thats fifty, one hundred, I see no f*cking limits
Shout out to Uncle Luke
Shout out my bitches too
We the 2 Live Crew
Two for me, two for you
Feed them bitches carrots
Fuck em like a rabbit
Sorry that’s a habit, smoke a spliff and then I vanish


I’m about being single, seeing double, making triple
I hope you n*gger niggas hating never make a nickel
It’s good to make it better when your people make it with you
Money coming, money going, ain’t like you could take it with you
It’s about to be a hit right now, f*ck back then we the sh*t right now
Dropped Take Care, bought a mothaf*ckin’ crib
Picking up the keys to that bitch right now
OVO that’s major sh*t, Toronto with me that’s mayor sh*t
Gettin cheddar packs like KD, OKC that’s player sh*t
We don’t dress alike, we don’t rap alike
I shine different, I rhyme different
Only thing you got is some years on me
Man f*ck you and your time difference
I’m Young Papi, champagne
They know the face and they know the name
Got one watch that could probably pay for like all your chains
And you’d owe me change, ah!
Greystone, twenty bottles that’s on me
On the couch, wildin’ out yelling free my niggas ’til they all free
One of my closest dawgs got three kids and they all three
But we always been that type of crew that been good without a plan B


[Lil Wayne]
Bitch! Stop talkin’ that sh*t
And suck a nigga dick for some Trukfit
Okay I f*ck a bitch and I’m gone
That’s gangsta: Al Capone
I make that n*gger spit like Bone
I’m talkin’ ’bout bone, bone, bone bone
I’m f*ckin with French, excuse my French
I lose my mind before I lose my bitch
Money ain’t a thing but a chicken wing
Bitch I ball like two eyelids
YMCM beat that n*gger up, stop playin’
I make her ass scream and holla like rock bands
I’m a beast, I’m off the leash
I am rich like a bitch
On my Proactiv sh*t, pop that n*gger like a zit
I go by the name Lil Tunechi
Your girl is a groupie
And nigga, you’s a square
And I will twist you like in a Rubix
Motherf*cker I’m on my skateboard
Watch me do a trick ho
I’m 5?5” but I could six nine
Then beat that n*gger like Klitschko
It’s French Montana, f*ck Joe
It’s Weezy F, f*ck hoes
It’s Truk the world
It’s Truk yo girl
It’s Trukfit by the truck load, biatch!


Dirty Projectors – Up In Hudson

I caught the sunrise in your eyes

[Verse 1]
The first time ever I saw your face, laid my eyes on you
Was the Bowery Ballroom stage, you were shredding Marshall tubes
And I knew that I had to get to know
You, why don’t you pack your clothes?
Move to Brooklyn on your own
And join the band, come on the road

We talked for like two minutes
But I had a feeling
Something awkward but new between us
Something strong and appealing

And we both had girl and boyfriends blowing us up SMS
But we both knew a mood like this so strong would be wrong to suppress
Felt like it bore the impressive destiny
I [?] then New England, our eyes met, we said yes and we

Love will burn out (We said yes and we)
Love will just fade away

[Verse 2]
First time I ever kissed your mouth, we both felt time stop
My heart, it leapt up, wow, jumped from a mountaintop
Then I knew, maybe I could be with you
Do the things that lovers do
Slightly domesticate the truth
And write your "Stillness Is the Move"

The ceilings that we ignored
But slept on floors never-ending
Our feeling obscured but pure
And our love ascending

This is how we saw the world, side-by-side from the road and the stage
So our lives were twined and curled and mixed up like the chord we obeyed
And that was basically my dream and I dreamed it with you till we betrayed it

And love will burn out
And love will just fade away
And love’s gonna rot
And love will just dissipate

Now we’re going our separate ways
But we’re still connected
You’ll go forward and I’ll stay the same
And that’s how it breaks
Wash it away, wash it away
All of the pain, all of the pain and anger
It slips away, love slips away
But it will remain, it will remain unanswered

[Verse 3]
Now I’m listening to Kanye on the Taconic Parkway, riding fast
And you’re out in Echo Park, blasting 2Pac, drinking a fifth for my ass
I’m just up in Hudson bored and destructive knowing that nothing lasts

‘Cause love will burn out
And love will just fade away
Yeah love’s gonna rot
And love will just dissipate
‘Cause love will burn out
And love will just fade away
And love’s gonna rot
And love will just dissipate