Elujay – Starchild lyrics

She’s on my mind
She’s on my mind
You’re on my mind
Oh Starchild

She’s on my mind
She’s on my mind
Won’t you come down
Oh Starchild

[Verse 1]
Drifting out of space
Check your time of day, yeah
Need to know the stars align
When I seen it miles away
Picture-perfect frame
Baby come down, I really want to feel your light


[Verse 2]
Shifted state of mind
Coined by God’s design
Wisdom gained from astroplaning
Eat a couple caps with you, girl
Wanna see the cosmic universe
You and I only made of stardust

When the stars don’t shine for you, girl
Got you looking right past the moon
And the sun, for the place and the shade
Oh the simple things, always complicated
We’re only made of stardust
Oh no, she be on this earth
Won’t you come down for me