I.c. Jonez – Let Me Know Lyrics (feat. Nameless Servant & Shariffa Nyan)

Intro IC Jonez:

Let me know


If they wanna ban the followers of Christ

Let me know if you gon’ stand up for Christ

Let me know if you gon’ die for Christ when they come get you

Let me let me know

Let Me Know if you with it or not let me know if you reppin or not

Let me let me know

Let me know if they run up in your spot if you gon’ fold when they run up in your spot

Let me let me know

Let me know if you gon’ rep Christ til the death let me know know if you gon’ crucify your flesh

Let me let me know

Let me know if you gon’ stand up let me know if you gon’ man up

Let me Let Me Know

1st Verse IC JONEZ:
You can find me on the East and you can find me on the West

I’m in these streets bringing peace you know I’m blessed

I don’t gotta wear no vest I don’t get caught up with no mess

I don’t got time for no stress

You can find me on my quest

In my Ford focus 4 door that’s fasho though

Watching out for the popo

You know some of them loco

That’s why I ride low pro
But know though

I got God on my side I know He provide

And my angels gon’ God’s the reason I survive

Aye let me know

If you gon’ ride with this side or you gon’ side with the lie

And let the truth slide by

Blank stare side eye deaf ear blind eye

At least I tried

Bring horse to the water still can’t make them drink

Bring folks to the slaughter still can’t make them eat

You can be thought provoking and you still can’t make them think

You can bring sight to the blind and still can’t make the see church!


Verse 2 Nameless:
Aye Let me know, let me know just what it is though

Devil tried to get me but he missed though

He treat you just like Carl cuz your Wins low

Aye yes or no? This not no quiz show

We been goin in for a minute now

If you know my people then you know just what we been about

Firm upon the word of God, that’s the scriptures written out

I just been up on my job, got me on my mission now

We do this for real, this is not no fakery

On that bread of life, no no this is not no bakery

Bought with a price, my lord he done paid the fee

Took it on the cross for me, I call that major key

I was headed toward the lake of fire, burning up like made of fiber

Now my lord he take me higher, threw that out like baby diaper

One Hundred that’s real chop, stop from swaying like field crop

All you gotta do is just yield, stop, submit to God and be healed, Watch!