Pete Davidson ‘Hates’ That His Surprise Romance With Ariana Grande ‘Hurt’ Ex Cazzie David

Pete Davidson ‘Hates’ That His Surprise Romance With Ariana Grande ‘Hurt’ Ex Cazzie David

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Jade Boren
Evening Writer

Pete Davidson never intended to ‘hurt’ Cazzie David with his and Ariana Grande’s whirlwind romance, but still has ‘mixed emotions’ towards Cazzie’s interview and book about their 2018 breakup.

Pete Davidson, 27, has “mixed emotions” towards what his ex, Cazzie David, “said about him” in her new book and bombshell interview about their breakup and his romance with Ariana Grande, which a source close to Pete EXCLUSIVELY tells HollywoodLife. In the interview with The Los Angeles Times, Cazzie made headlines for saying that she “shook uncontrollably” after learning that Pete had moved on to Ariana just a day after he called off their relationship for good via text (according to her side of the story). While we’ve learned that Pete was upset to learn this — since his romance with Ariana was never a ploy for breakup revenge — he still sees the end of his relationship with Larry David’s daughter a bit “differently.”

Pete Davidson and Cazzie David are pictured here in the middle of their two-and-a-half year relationship in 2017. (Photo Credit: Richard Shotwell/Invision/AP)

“[Pete] sees the relationship he had with Cazzie as something he enjoyed, but sees how it ended differently than she does. And when Ariana came into the picture, that was such a breath of fresh air for him that he went on that journey fast and furious because it felt so right,” our source explains. “He doesn’t want people to feel bad, but with breakups, someone is going to feel pretty bad. Hearts were broken but Pete had to move on. He accepts that Cazzie is saying what she is saying, but he can’t pay too much attention to it and has to move on, which he has.”

Regardless, this doesn’t mean it was ever Pete’s intention to cause the distress that Cazzie detailed in her interview. “The last thing Pete ever wanted was for Cazzie to get hurt because of anything that happened between them,” a second source, who’s also close to the stand-up comedian, EXCLUSIVELY tells HollywoodLife. “Pete was also figuring out his own stuff at the time and needed to decide what he wanted in terms of going back to what he had with Cazzie or starting a new chapter with Ariana.”

Pete Davidson and Ariana Grande are pictured above at the 2018 MTV Music Awards. (Photo Credit: ESBP/STAR MAX/IPx)

You see, it was a complicated situation: Cazzie admitted that she initiated their breakup, after struggling “to convince [Pete] that she really loved him,” which the Eighty-Sixed web series creator shared in her interview with The Los Angeles Times. But when she tried to win him back, it was too late; Pete had already decided to pursue new love with Ariana in May of 2018, just a few days after Cazzie asked for a break. “Cazzie broke up with Pete, she just didn’t expect him to move on so fast,” a third source, who’s close to Pete as well, EXCLUSIVELY explains to HollywoodLife. This insider adds, “He didn’t start dating Ariana to hurt Cazzie. It just happened very fast and he went with it. He hates that it hurt Cazzie, but fortunately they have been able to talk about it and move past it and they’re great friends now. And they really are better as friends.”

Our second source stresses this friendship as well, telling us, “Pete’s glad that [he] and Cazzie could get to the point they’re at now and can be friendly after all this time, despite everything that went down and he has nothing but respect for her.” As a testament to this, Cazzie showed her essay about the breakup to Pete, and even wrote in her new book — titled No One Asked For This: Essays, which was just released on Nov. 17 — “Pete. I love you … Your bravery inspires me and your friendship means the world to me.”

The cover of Cazzie David’s new collection of essays, in which she writes about her breakup with Pete Davidson. (Photo Courtesy of Amazon)

Pete and Cazzie dated for two and a half years before their split in May of 2018, and that very same month, Pete embarked on a highly sensationalized romance with Ariana. He proposed to the 27-year-old pop star after just weeks of dating, but the engagement and relationship was called off in October of that year, shortly after the heartbreaking death of Ariana’s ex Max Miller. Ariana also later clarified that it wasn’t the first time she and Pete had broken up, and described their relationship as “on and off” during an interview on The Zach Sang Show in Feb. 2019.

Dave Chappelle & Pete Davidson Break Character & Laugh During Aunt Jemima Skit On ‘SNL’ — Watch

Dave Chappelle & Pete Davidson Break Character & Laugh During Aunt Jemima Skit On ‘SNL’ — Watch


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Cassie Gill
Evening/Weekend Editor

Maya Rudolph stuck around after the cold open, hilariously playing ‘Aunt Jemima’  alongside Pete Davidson’s ‘Count Chocula’! The duo were informed they were being fired by Alec Baldwin.

It’s a wrap for Aunt Jemima, Uncle Ben…and Count Chocula. The grocery store characters (and childhood favorites) were informed they were being “fired” in a hilarious sketch on Saturday Night Live‘s Nov. 7 episode that even left the actors giggling! Maya Rudolph surprised the audience with her second appearance of the night, playing pancake icon Aunt Jemima. Upon being let go by Alec Baldwin‘s character, she simply wasn’t having it. “But I’m Aunt Jemima!” she declared, nearly cracking up. “Who doesn’t love my pancakes?”

2020 wasn't a great year for Uncle Ben and Aunt Jemima.

— Saturday Night Live – SNL (@nbcsnl) November 8, 2020

“I’m sorry it’s just not working out — we have to let you go,” Alec continued, as another white manager informed her that it wasn’t her that was the “problem” — but the racial history of the character. None of this seemed to bother Maya’s Jemima, though. “But you can’t fire me — I’m a slave. All I ever did was make pancakes. That’s why my pancakes are the fluffiest and the butteriest — the secret is I use my own breast milk,” she explained, before pointing the finger at rice king Uncle Ben!

Dave Chappelle and Pete Davidson cracked up during the ‘Aunt Jemima’ sketch on Nov. 7. (NBC)

“What about Uncle Ben? If I’m going down, he’s going down with me!” she declared, as Kenan Thompson‘s Uncle Ben appeared. Irritated, he attempted to keep his job by reminding them of his expertise with all kinds of rice. “But you can’t do this to me. I’m Uncle Ben! I got so many nieces and nephews to take care of. All I know is rice. White rice, brown rice, yellow rice, four cheese,” he explained. Aunt Jemima and Uncle Ben weren’t the only two grocery store faves on the chopping block, as Dave Chappelle popped in as the Allstate God — and Pete Davidson as cereal star Count Chocula!

Dave exclaimed, “You can’t fire me! My deep black voice makes people feel safe. I sell security…I’m a real person! Why don’t you fire Count Chocula!” Pete’s cartoon vampire had a pretty good reason for why he shouldn’t be fired: he’s made of chocolate, and therefore, not a real person. “If he’s chocolate, then I’m chocolate too,” Maya’s Jemima said. “No, but I’m actually chocolate — I’m not Black at all,” Pete’s Count reasoned, as Dave begged to differ: “Look at Pete Davidson’s lips.”

Maya Rudolph appeared as Aunt Jemima on NBC’s ‘SNL’. (NBC)

SNL is known for it’s wild surprise appearances, and this year has had it’s fair share! Aquaman star Jason Momoa, 41 — who has previously called SNL the “greatest show on earth” — hilariously popped up in a sketch with Beck Bennett, 36. During the brief appearance (which was virtually shot by an iPhone), the See actor blasted Beck’s anti-Trump song, which was dubbed “Enough Is Enough.” He sang, “You’re a puppet for Mr. Putin. You’re the one doing all the lootin…you don’t even wear a mask. You may be President but you aren’t mine!” then went on to name several A-List celebs — including Jason — with the hopes going viral.

Jason was pretty peeved at being associated with the Instagram post, and hilariously tracked Beck down with some harsh words over FaceTime. “Is this the guy from the ‘Enough Is Enough’ video? Don’t tag me!” Jason yelled at Beck, clearly not a fan of the song or video. “This is the weakest thing I’ve ever seen…you need to take that down. It’s pathetic and you’re a loser,” he added. Meanwhile, Beck seemed to be thrilled that Jason even called him at all! “It worked, Jason Momoa knows me!” his character exclaimed.

— Saturday Night Live – SNL (@nbcsnl) November 8, 2020

Maya Rudolph, 48, has had plenty of appearances this season as Kamala Harris, 56 — but she surprised the audience when she popped up as the Statue of Liberty last weekend! In a sketch set in a Times Square souvenir store, Maya’s Liberty — full green costume and all — defended the city of New York after Donald Trump‘s claims that the Big Apple has become a “ghost town.” She sang, “I lived through war haul. I lived through Bethenney Frankel. But I’m here…Fools — you don’t give up on my city that easy.” Pete Davidson and host John Mulaney were also in the sketch.

President Donald Trump’s comments were made in response to many business shutting down for good since the pandemic began in March. “Take a look at New York and what’s happened to my wonderful city for so many years. I loved it, it was vibrant. It’s dying, everyone’s leaving New York,” he said during a speech.

Maya Rudolph As The Statue of Liberty Claps Back At Trump’s NYC ‘Ghost Town’ Diss: ‘I’m Still Here’

Maya Rudolph As The Statue of Liberty Claps Back At Trump’s NYC ‘Ghost Town’ Diss: ‘I’m Still Here’


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Cassie Gill
Evening/Weekend Editor

‘SNL’ is known for surprises, and this week was no exception! Maya Rudolph made a second appearance in this Times Square themed sketch defending NYC.

Season 46 of Saturday Night Live has been as unpredictable as ever, and we’re absolutely here for it! Maya Rudolph, 48, appeared as the Statue of Liberty herself in a sketch in a Times Square souvenir store. “Fools — you don’t give up on my city that easy,” Maya as the green statue stated as she walked in amidst a conversation of the characters, including Pete Davidson and host John Mulaney talking about those leaving the city for “one room shacks for $900K” in other nearby states.

OMG🥇 Maya Rudolph as 🗽 #snl

— Agent K – 😷 Remember them (@KSWenger) November 1, 2020

“I lived through war haul. I lived through Bethenney Frankel. But I’m here,” she sang, clearly responding to Donald Trump‘s comment that New York City has become a “ghost town” amidst the pandemic. “I lived through Times Square filled with whores and now they’re on Sex & The City tours. But I’m here….I’ve been to Nobu. But I’m here,” she boldly sang in defense of her hometown of Manhattan! Trump’s comments were made in response to many businesses also closing in the Big Apple since the shut down in March. “Take a look at New York and what’s happened to my wonderful city for so many years. I loved it, it was vibrant. It’s dying, everyone’s leaving New York,” the President said earlier this week.

My sexual preference is definitely Maya Rudolph on #SNL singing Sondheim's "I'm Still Here" but with changed lyrics that included a Bethenny Frankel reference, all while dressed as the Statue of Liberty.

(What can I say, I'm picky!)

— Dave Quinn (@NineDaves) November 1, 2020

Maya has been one of many amazing surprises this season. Just two weeks ago, Aquaman himself Jason Momoa, 41, made an unannounced appearance! The actor popped up alongside Beck Bennett, 36, who played a vocal anti-Trump activist. In the sketch, Beck took to social media to blast the current president pre-election in a hilarious song for social media. “Enough is enough is enough, Mr. Trump…you don’t care about lives,” he rapped in an Instagram live. “You’re a puppet for Mr. Putin. You’re the one doing all the lootin…you don’t even wear a mask. You may be President but you aren’t mine!” he declared, tagging several celebrities in attempt to get “100 million views.”

Great SNL anti-Trump rap, "Enough is Enough," by Beck Bennett playing a fed-up actor using his platform to make a statement!

— Jojoportnoy (@DogsNDemocrats) October 11, 2020

While the idea was good in theory, Jason was less than thrilled to be named in the video. “Is this the guy from the ‘Enough Is Enough’ video? Don’t tag me!” the See actor yelled via FaceTime. “This is the weakest thing I’ve ever seen…you need to take that down. It’s pathetic and you’re a loser,” he informed Beck, who appeared to be thrilled that he just got a call from Jason himself!“It worked, Jason Momoa knows me!” he said in awe. Too funny.

Prior to the season’s start, sources close to production revealed the focus would be more political than ever. “SNL is always politically charged and this year will be no different. [Weekend Update host] Colin Jost and the rest of the writers and cast are very eager to dive into this presidential season with all hands-on deck,” an insider spilled to HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY. “[SNL staffers] can’t wait to work with Jim Carrey [who is playing Joe Biden],  Alec Baldwin and everyone else. There [are] going to be lots of skits and openers surrounding the election and whatever happens post-election. It will be a very big part of the show this season,” they also revealed.

Kaia Gerber & Jacob Elordi Hold Hands In Sweet New PDA Pics As Romance Heats Up

Kaia Gerber & Jacob Elordi Hold Hands In Sweet New PDA Pics As Romance Heats Up


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19 Photos.

Beth Shilliday
Senior Evening Writer

Can fans start shipping Kelordi now? Model Kaia Gerber and actor Jacob Elordi are falling for each other, showing off loving PDA while clasping hands in New York.

New age, new boyfriend! Supermodel Kaia Gerber turned 19 just over a week ago on Sept. 3, and since then she’s got a hot new man in her life. Kaia and hunky Euphoria star Jacob Elordi, 23, made no secret about their affection towards each other while out in New York City on Sept. 11. The two clasped hands tightly as they walked down the sidewalk, and didn’t seem to care that paparazzi were snapping away at their public display of affection.

Hot new couple Jacob Elordi and Kaia Gerber hold hands as they head to a romantic dinner in NYC on Sept. 11, 2020. Photo credit: BACKGRID.

The hot couple was seen in the early evening as the sun was going down, heading out for a dinner date at Lure restaurant in SoHo. While they both wore protective face masks and sunglasses, there was no mistaking Kaia’s famous trim model figure. Her long legs were on display as she wore a black blazer that was slightly longer than her black mini-skirt. Underneath she donned a grey button-front crop top and wore white sneakers and scrunched up white socks. The comfy footwear meant couple could go on a long romantic stroll around the city after dinner.

Kaia has ditched the light blonde hair that she was experimenting with over the summer for a more autumn friendly brown that is close to her natural color. But she’s still having fun with her shoulder-length tresses, as she has had the ends dyed bright pink. Kaia wore her hair pulled back for her dinner date.

Jacob Elordi ducks his head down as he still clasps hands with Kaia Gerber on their way to dinner in NYC on Sept. 11. Photo credit: BACKGRID.

Jacob managed to make 5’9″ model Kaia actually look tiny next to him, as the handsome Aussie is a super tall 6’5″. He wore a Metallica logo print t-shirt that hugged his muscular torso and chest. His arms appeared incredibly muscular, and he paired his heavy metal band tee with blue jeans, which he rolled up in a cuff at the ankles. Jacob wore brown lace-up hiker style boots, so his footwear was also comfortable for a lengthly stroll with Kaia.

Kaia Gerber shows off her famous long model legs as she arrives to the ‘Vogue: Forces Of Fashion’ event in NYC in Oct. 2019. Photo credit: MEGA.

The couple was first spotted getting close on Sept. 7, sitting on a park bench in NYC and low key holding hands. They were  photographed by a fan who caught them and posted the photo to Twitter. Two days later Kaia and Jacob hit the gym together, but without any outwards affection. Now that they’re openly holding hands and having dinner dates, things seem to be getting more serious between the two.

Kaia was last linked to Saturday Night Live player Pete Davidson, 26, though they broke up in late Dec. 2019 after just three months of dating when he headed to rehab. In Feb. 2020, Pete told Charlamagne tha God, “She’s very young, and I’m f**king going through a lot and it was before I went to rehab. It’s just like, she should be having fun,” he said. “She shouldn’t have to worry about some dude that just has issues and s**t. She should be enjoying her work.” Kaia and The Kissing Booth star Jacob seem to be nicely suited for each other, and they sure make for a gorgeous looking couple.

Why Kate Beckinsale’s ‘Smitten’ With Goody Grace, 22, & Attracted To Younger Men

Why Kate Beckinsale’s ‘Smitten’ With Goody Grace, 22, & Attracted To Younger Men


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Beth Shilliday, Sarah Jones and Allison Swan

Kate Beckinsale’s dating life over the past three years has made it clear that she’s really attracted to much younger men. We have why the 46-year-old is so happy with her latest BF Goody Grace, 22.

Kate Beckinsale sure doesn’t look her 46 years of age, and she’s dating like a woman in her 20’s. She’s currently seeing 22-year-old Canadian musician Goody Grace. He follows Kate’s other much-younger boyfriends including Saturday Night Live‘s Pete Davidson, 26, who she dated in 2019, and 24-year-old comedian Matt Rife, who was the actress’ boy toy in the summer of 2017. “Kate can get any guy she wants, so why wouldn’t she want a young, attractive guy? She tends to like younger men who are artistic in some way and can hold her interest,” a source tells EXCLUSIVELY.

“Kate is smitten with Goody and she loves that he has a ton of confidence. But she also understands the age difference between them and has no expectations of where things will go in the long run. She’s very happy and content with where things are at for the moment and is simply enjoying life as it unfolds,” the insider continues. Kate and singer Goody have been a paparazzi fixture during the coronavirus lockdown. The pair has been seen holding hands and showing off PDA while getting some sunshine on walks during April and May 2020.

Kate is also making up for lost time for when she was in her twenties and could have been playing the field dating guys in her age range. Instead she was with British actor Michael Sheen, 51, from the time she was 22 in 1995 until 2003. They welcomed a daughter Lily in 1999. Besides being a mom in her mid-20’s, Kate immediately jumped from her relationship with Michael to a 2003 romance with her Underworld director Len Wiseman, 47. The two married on May 9, 2004, but later separated in November 2015. They divorced the following year and by 2017, Kate began her streak of dating men in their early to mid 20’s.

“She is in a very carefree time in her life. She never really experienced this before because she was so serious when she was younger. She got together with Michael at 22 and had a baby at 25. Then when she and Michael split up she went straight into her next marriage. So now she feels like it’s her time to experience what dating is like and she’s choosing guys who excite her and who she knows won’t try to tie her down,” a second source tells us EXCLUSIVELY. “She’s very happy with her life and no longer cares what anyone thinks of her. She’s earned the right to do what she wants and so that’s what she’s doing.”

Kate Beckinsale, 46, out with new boyfriend, Goody Grace, 22, during the coronavirus lockdown. They’re seen walking her dog in L.A. on Apr. 6, 2020. Photo credit: MEGA.
Kate Beckinsale, then 45, and Pete Davidson, then 25, share a sweet kiss while attending a New York Rangers game on March 3, 2019. The pair dated during the winter/spring of that year. Photo credit: Shutterstock.

Kate’s ex Michael isn’t one to judge about the dating habits of his daughter’s mom. Especially since his girlfriend, Swedish actress Anna Lundberg, is 25 and they just welcomed a baby daughter Lyra in Sept. 2019. “Michael and Kate are very good friends and they both have the same sarcastic sense of humor, so he does tease her about dating younger men. But his partner is 25 years younger than him so Kate teases him right back. Michael is very serious with his girlfriend, they have a baby together, but Kate’s relationships are not going in that direction, she’s truly just having a good time,” our source adds.