Marvin Otis – Visions lyrics

This was part of my vision I’ve seen it coming
Hid in the dark but we kept it running
All of my hittas already jumping
Gone too far now to quit for nothing
Came form the dirt now we making money
All of these traitors stay acting funny
I don’t be paying them no attention cause Gradea bout to make a living

Pulling up in my aunties Benz gotta watch new friends all they really wanna do is hate

Skating On Brand New Rims got on brand new Timbs while I’m cheifin on that Grade A cake

I don’t be fucking with these hoes cuz these hoes ain’t loyal nearly all of these bitches are fake

Caught my self on cnn with the whole damn squad trunk boomin with that 808

Watching out for that Po Po
They watching me going Loco
I’m vip with my music in the club playing back to back taking over

Hennessy with that coca cola
Going live now I’m passing on one
Shoulder struggin when it’s not my problem
How in the hell are you gonna solve them
I’ve been so tired of all of these lies I try to stay back from not looking them over
Always having to look over my shoulder
Always having to be pushing a boulder
It won’t be long never holding on grudges
Keeping my patience when I’m talking business
All of my niggas stood by me and witnessed
Buying them all a new car for next christmas
Time to give back to the ones who stayed with me thanking them all cause they never switched up on me them my day one homies, I kept it real with them and they kept it real with me never switched up on me they know they real to me yeah

I thank god everyday that I’m still alive and safe
No one on this earth can take away my place
Kept my distance not mistaken for the scars that weren’t replaced
Independent I’ma do all what it takes
[Verse end]