Henry Luciano – The Day Of My Trial lyrics

It’s tough when you’re stuck behind bars awaitin trial,
There’s really nothin ever to do.
Stuck in a cage full of slimy criminals,
Listenin to lousy speeches- from the same old worn out crew.

Getting closer to the time of my rite to trial,
Strapped to a bench and driven in a dirty van.
Dressed in a wrinkled suit, that doesn’t really fit you,
Hoping your Puplic Defender has some kind-of plan.

The day of my trial I asked for mercy, For all the bad things I said and probably done. Lord protect me from this crazy prison system, I only made one tiny hole with that giant gun.

It starts with a bunch of weird formalities,
With a gavel striking the time to begin,
You wonder if anyone realizes that these decisions,
Can be made with people wearing that silly grin.

When the trial takes a breaks for lunchtime,
You’re sent down to this tiny room- with one dirty shade,
Where you’re givin warm milk and one stale cheese sandwich,
That you’re sure someone did something vile to- at time it was being made.

I prayed on the day of my sentencing, Promising I’d never do such a thing again. Growin up I had such a lousy childhood, All I learned to do was lie, steal, pillage and sin.

The Judge sentences you- staring with his great big eyeballs,
Even before your thin defense is ever read.
The jury it seems has made up all their decisions,
Not taking the time to consider what your lawyer even said.

You’re sentenced to the count of fifteen to thirty,
When the verdict finally comes to a grizzly end,
You wonder if the judge came up with those numbers,
While drawing funny pictures with that cheap State issued pen.

I got on my knees and begged that judge for some mercy,
Starin at the ground, lookin as humble as a person could possibly be….
If that fat judge only knew what I was really thinkin,
He’d surely hang me from the nearest, tallest tree…

Dragged from court in heavy steel, rusted shackles,
Barely having time to wave to my family a sad goodbye.
Heading off to my new home in maximum State prison,
Where I’ll surely be left to eventually rot or die….
Looks like I’m finally goin away for the big one, Don’t think the jury really gave a damn where I ended up….
Even my family now was lookin at me like I was guilty, To tell you the truth, I always knew where I’d end up.