Novelist – Major Player Lyrics

[Verse 1]
Ever since a minor kid I knew I was major
Real Gs recognise real G behaviour
Girls like the presence of a man that’s not a hater
N*ggas think they’re bad because they don’t respect their neighbour
I ain’t got the time to get mad I get paper
Laughing at them rappers tryna talk like Darth Vader
Composed when I gotta do my thing later
I seen a brudda die because he was an underestimater
Dressed well best smelling in the elevator
When I intro myself I’m a first-namer
Asking what I do, who I know, I’m not a claimer
What’s the point in bragging if they’re gonna hear later
I can make a trackie feel like I’m wearing a blazer
Vigilance will have you more attractive than a shape up
Dilligence has got me on the road to big paper
Amaretto sour better shake it like a shaker
If a bredda’s funny I ain’t saying ‘see you later’
Dat bredda’s claiming he’s a G but he’s a faker
I ain’t gonna speak when I see a clout chaser
Breddas think they got it cos they hotted up the waiter
But fam I got the juice I got the bag like it’s Jamaica
So wait up before you get fresh it’s best to wake up
Understand the news that I make a straight major
I’m a major player

[Verse 2]
I ain’t giving nuttin but I’m blessing if they diss me
22 but I been thinking older like I’m 50
That’s why I only keep a couple brothers with me
Love the hood but I don’t trust the hood cause man are shifty
But me I hold my corner I’m legit see
I don’t slip I dip when I smell something fishy
I’m bout to take this to a bigger level
They’re saying give me I see it as if you’re my enemy if you ain’t with me
Amaretto sours got me tipsy
I never slip I’m vigilant
The roads are risky for those who quickly react and get drawn out swiftly
I’m a G that’s why I live my life in peace
Major players in the game are rocking with a G
I’m taking out them suckers that was trying to get rid of me
If it’s war then it’s war that’s what it’s gotta be
But I would rather bless it after I hear the apology
Authenticity can’t be a wannabe
I’m rolling with my set and they’re upset but that don’t bother me
Thinking I’m a threat but that ain’t stopping me
I’m doing what I must cause God is giving me authority
People like myself are the minority
Because we make sure keeping it 100’s the priority
And that’s straight up
Taking over everything
I’m a major player

[Outro] (PREM ?)
Major players in the game (in the game) (in the game) (yeah)
Game (yeah)
Major players in the game (in the game) (in the game) (yeah)
Game (yeah)

Novelist – Piss Take letras

Alright then, yeah
Yeah, okay then
Yo, look, yeah

You don’t wanna jack my style, that’s wild
I’m a teen that will make a man look like a child
I make a pagan run miles
Niggas look hard but they’re wet like bathroom tiles
When I make beats, my PC don’t lag
Turn on Reason, I load up a gun shot
Kick and a bass and the riddim is sick
But you got your sound pack from a next man
Where’s your tunes that bang in the dance
This my ting, I’ll send a man licks
DJs don’t wanna play your shit
So they filter them out like Instagram pics
Bars so cold that you’re gonna need Vicks
Soon gonna get a fan-base full of chicks
Last show that I had, a ting showed me her tits
CJ calls that a Novelist trick
What gangster? What you telling me cus’?
How you gonna be a gangster when you chat to the fuzz?
Your food’s got a next buzz
Your ting does what the morphine does
Don’t make it a next story cus’
Novelist rep with a set full of thugs
Your girlfriend could never be my girl, my girl wouldn’t wear lean up Uggs
Badman where? Little prick, not a thug
Connect a wasteman’s nose with a spud
Can’t diss a man’s mum
You’ll get slapped like a dark skin hand on a [?]
Man a badman, can’t take [?]
Crew couldn’t do what I’ve done on my ones
When I’m with Pharaoh, we might righteous kill like De Niro, don’t be dumb
Cess ting, I get the best ting from the plug
Sexing with a sket ting, na cus’
Mmm Yeah label, dough’s on the table
Blud are you dumb? Suck your mum
You don’t wanna diss man in my camp, you’ll get spun
Better run when you hear 3, 2, 1
All the man in my camp are big man, are you dumb
Prem come through, it’s like Fee Fo Fum
You don’t wanna have Nigos on your case
You don’t wanna see Reeks with a screwface
T-u-double-g ting in the rave when I play
No we don’t do champagne
What you wanna hear beef for the new campaign?
Novelist can’t do a next man’s lanes, on my mother’s
Can’t put that on my name, on my mother’s
Listen, yo, I’m owning a label
Yes I’m able to be the one that’s putting on bare man
All of the gash wanna get their man
No, no, you can’t scare man
I don’t wanna hear man
You’ll get a dash in the van
If you f with the plan
Master plan, got man that’ll blast a man then get a cab to the gaff
Take a quick time out nap
What you telling me fam? I ain’t letting these man get near, slice a man like deep pan
Heard man are talking about their beef man
But it’s 180 degrees when they see man
Real Gs wanna greet when they meet man
Pengtings wanna beat when they see man
And t-u-double-g gang won’t ever take shit from next man
‘Cause mmm yeah
Saw your girl like
Thought to myself like
Yo I’m lke internet connection
Might run for the next election
Girls wanna holla man, bother man on the Gram and DM to your affection
And I’ve got the best selection
I’m gonna put your girl in my collection
I won’t see no imperfections
Draw girls with no-
Yo, God sent me on the Earth with a plan
Got the light in my heart but I’m dark like a tan
Novelist, I came in the game as a made man
With a plan to leave the game as a made man
I gave a lot, now it’s time I take back
Chicks love me, I ain’t giving her hate back
Fuck a gold digger, they want a nigga with a car but my bars are worth more than a Maybach
Niggas wanna send but I can’t rate that
You’ll have to [?]
Oi pussyhole, go get your chain back
Some pussyhole a.k.a wasteman
God knows I’m bringing the game plan
When I’m bringing youngers in the game to make grands
If you ain’t talking a couple of mil’ on the table, I’m not willing to shake hands
‘Cause Nov wait, stop wait
Spin an MC round the block, wait
Bare man around but they’re not great
‘Cause Nov wait, stop wait
Spin an MC round the block, wait
Bare man around but they’re not great
Oi mandem, yo, yo, yo, yo
You know I came to pave the way
Best mind your girl from me ’cause I will take your bae