Pablo Skywalkin – Fast Money Lyrics

Pooh you a fool for this one
Beat Gang

[Verse 1]
I count money when I f**king wait
525 for the hat, that’s a f**king snake
Everybody in the squad eat, on a f**king plate
One thing a n**** never be, shit is f**king fake
And imma flex on them n****s, shit who say I can’t
All this f**king money in my pocket like a f**king bank
This a f**king foreign, 93 go in the f**king tank
Mama told me chill
Crib reeking all that f**king stank
N**** you ain’t never grind you ain’t never hustle
Skinny ass n**** I be buffed up like I got the muscle
In the club 50 deep and them goons will rush you
In the club 50 deep and them boys will bust you
I’m so tired of n****s dissing on they f**king song
N****s mad that I’m flexing they money ain’t long
N****s mad that I’m flexing with this f**king life
Take your bitch to Benihana, say she just love eating rice
I don’t give a f**k cause this that life I f**king chose
N****s get your bitch
Cause this Rich Lo, I’m known for dogging hoes
In Neiman Marcus or at Sax, shit I’m coping clothes
Damn all this jewlery on my body got a n**** froze
Im getting chose in that Beamer or that f**king Rove
I just stunted on a n**** that’s the way it goes
1,200 for the shoes, them expensive toes
And your bitch, she taking pictures let me hit a pose

Fast money
Cash money
N**** you can’t flex with your last money
f**k a bitch and make her leave, she say I act funny
Try to eat and end up like that last dummy

[Verse 2]
I’m so tired of n****s talking all that shit they got
Boy that whip old as hell, it ain’t off that lot
I’m so blowed in this bitch I think I lost my top
Tatted up I’m screaming “Thug Life” shit I feel like Pac
On that dirtbike doing my thing shit I feel like Joc
If a n**** try to eat, then he getting shot
Five bands on your head then you gettin got
N****s all in your bushes and they hit your block
I be cashin, I be cashin til I’m cashin out
Damn I’m so blowed pouring 4’s damn near passed out
f**k a bitch and all her friends, she tell me that I act out
Told that bitch to bend it over, damn near blew her back out
N**** say he winning got no money, whip a stack out
Boy you ain’t no jacker shit I’m johnny, who you jack now?
Whip that f**king Mag out, make that n**** back down
Bitches got excited at the table, brought them crabs out


Pablo Skywalkin – Ramen Noodles Lyrics

It’s Rich Lo in this bitch nigga
I’m richer than you, your mama and your bitch
Back and better hoe
Dumbass niggas

Lando got slapped with his strap I ain’t going for that
Walked out my cell doing my dance you can’t hold me back
15 cases turned to 2 that’s a f**king fact
Hasean Quinn you can go ahead and google that
Niggas like damn where the f**k was his noodles at
Tryna make jokes about my teeth I’ll be some tomorrow (Get off my dick broke ass niggas, aha!)
Lookin at my mugshots laughing at them comments
Most of y’all niggas thought that shit was funny y’all behind y’all rent
Most of y’all thought I wasn’t gon bail out y’all ain’t got common sense
Y’all don’t see every pic 5,000 on my f**king pics
Shout out everybody shit that posted free me
Some killers show me love in that bitch I was on TV
23 hours locked down they ain’t been able to see me
Every time I enter the courtroom [?] like E.T
How the f**k you get a paid lawyer it wasn’t easy
Judge tried to ask me about my case I don’t wanna hear it
Cause I met some niggas doing life pray I’m nowhere near
Who the f**k is a f**king Gmac Cash Better stick to Instagram making broke niggas laugh
I ain’t got time to rap I got rich and they mad
It’s a lot of niggas buzzing around this bitch ain’t got a bag
I wouldn’t have been mad if y’all didn’t take away my dad
Bout to get more tattoos f**k it Detroit rap news
While y’all tryna make the Freshman list I’m tryna stack blues
You ain’t got 10,000 saved lil nigga that’s breaking news
Y’all ain’t got more money than my bitch let me play it cool
Y’all thought I wasn’t riding in that bitch eating Ramen Noodles
I’m the pit bull around this bitch and y’all niggas poodles
What the f**k nigga got shot and make gangsta music
And y’all know the niggas that did it [?]