Wintertime – All The Time 2 letras


Wintertime all the time ooh, look at the way that I move
Disrespectful and I’m rude, I had cocaine in the school
Winter one hell of a kid, smokin’ gas, juggin’ mids
What you doin’ I done did, slick talkin’ since a jit
I know that this what they want
Run up some money I’m gone
I’m the truth like Ron, sippin’ lean the same one
I taught myself to finesse, I taught myself how to jugg
Bein’ broke was no fun, scope 12 and I run
Diamonds on me like minerals
Keep when I open for it’s wintercoat
Wintertime I keep shit original, you niggas look and sound identical
I don’t wanna do no interviews, I just wanna run up decimals
I been sayin’ what I was finna do, I’m Buzz Lightyears ahead of you
Now I gotta shine on ’em, winter bitch it ain’t no autumn
I got yoga fire, no Dhalsim
Brucey told me get ’em so I got ’em
I ain’t slippin’, I ain’t fallin’
I’m the champ Seth Rollins, D Russel how I’m ballin’
The NBA keep callin’
Stay ten toes down, you wouldn’t last in my shoes though
I’m a dog, no Cujo, your girl call me Papi Chulo
I don’t even like to rap, almost went back to the trap
My brother told me not to risk it, I thought about it and I listened
Started singin’ for the bitches ’cause I don’t fuck with none of these niggas
I don’t really make no friendships, stay to myself and I kick shit
Word around town Wintertime the new Bobby Brown
And I’m pullin’ up from way downtown, think I’m Like Mike Lil’ Bow Wow
And you never catch me divin’ in the crowd
Fuck rollin’ loud, I was rollin’ loud
Wintertime the general, no Colin Powell
And for all the real ones I’ma hold it down
Posted up smokin’ up the pound, them hoes hated now they on me now
Run a bag like I’m Ronnie Brown
Wintertime the GOAT boy wipe me down, ya dig
Wintertime all the time ooh, yeah
Wintertime all the time ooh, swag
Wintertime all the time ooh, ok
Wintertime all the time ooh, aight
Wintertime all the time ooh, I am