Go Yayo – Fucc Yayo Lyrics

[Skr Skr
Hood Fame Gang]

[Verse 1]
All o that fucc shit you talkin
I’m with it, I’m with it, I’m with it
Some nigga got jacced, and they think that I hit it
You think that I did it, [Then fucc I did it]
You think that I said it, then fucc it I said it
My young niggas strapped and they ready
Big o’ thooka it’s so heavy
Fucc with the gang it deadly
Y’all pussies came with machetes
Sippin’ on tec outta Yeti
Pop up in the H like where is the red at?
Pop up on yo bitch
I ain’t tryna fucc I’m really tryna see where her head at
Niggas say that they gon’ kill me
Then why they ain’t did it, then why I ain’t dead yet?
Sold so much dope at the store
They lookin’ like damn he ain’t stuck in the Feds yet?
[?] keep asking, “Boy, what’s in yo cup it’s so muddy
Half a pint of Hi-tec, no sudafed
I trap that white like some wonderbread
Hood Fame youngin’ at the top like a overhead
So many shootas I shoulda been dead
Sold so much dope that I shoulda went fed
Came a long way from locked up eating [?]
Riding ’round sitting with a pint of red
Nigga playing we gon’ hit ’em with a infrared
Big o’ thooka, please don’t start with me
Young and stupid, you don’t really want start with me
Pop up, kicc yo door, lil bitch, it’s a robbery
Big ol’ thooka ain’t no harming me
Hood Fame Gang Bitch we a Army
Percocets, it leave my trap, its a pharmacy
Young nigga shit got yo bitch in the car with me
I was sixteen I finessin’ everyone
[?] but I sold his ass sheetrocc
Serve a nigga take it bacc, how I rerocc
Young nigga blizzy I can [?] on [?]
Young nigga in yo ho pocket like [?]
Want a young nigga like me and I see why
Bitch sending raccs and the ho couldn’t deny
Took a whole day of profit, blew it at [?]
Say Yayo be trippin but he got the city on fire
On go and they askin’ me why
‘Cause most these rappers from my city
They rappin a lie, these niggas pussy can’t deny
They sell in stores, I won’t buy
Don’t apply, let it fly
All you pussies do is cry
Pop up hit his ass with fire
Big ol’ thooka send ’em right to the sky
Nigga plot on my demise
Hate on the gang because we on the rise
I look at that nigga, see hate in his eyes
That fucc nigga play, that nigga gon’ die
That fucc nigga play, them bullets gon’ fly
Draco bullets at his neck like a tie
Ain’t no robbin, ayo bitch you can try
When that thooka hit you, nigga, don’t look surprised