Shootergang Kony – Off The Dribble Lyrics


Lil’ nigga heavy metal machine, I’m the team
Murder was the case in the scene, a slug fiend
Bully niggas like I’m Preme, what’s up Beans?
Know it’s only been a second, I keep thinking it’s a dream
I’ma wake up, you gon’ be right here, this ain’t fair, blood
You ain’t even see my chain, how it glare, blood
Been a while since a nigga said a prayer, blood
I’m a real nigga and real niggas is rare, blood
Gang keeping it lit, you in the air, blood
Standing at the viewing and all I could do is stare, blood
If you hear me, I pray that you feeling better
f**k I look like just putting you on a sweater?
The f**k I look like letting niggas say whatever?
f**k a homie, I will do you, and nina, you gon’ let her
GSR on me and glizzy came with a vetha
Put a nigga brother on the Facebook header, ayy
This the game, just the way that it goes
It ain’t no escape, you can never oppose
Ali asked me why these niggas don’t go, and I don’t know
You ain’t slid, what you bang this for? You niggas hoes
A homie die and niggas supposed to die, make it multiply
I blame rap shit, that’s what I decide
I ain’t posting niggas’ music if you living a lie
I’m the shooter, I can shoot while I drive, on God
Pull up on the side of a sucker and let it spark
Pissing on my hands while you laying in chalk
Your big homie fed, shit, we can’t even talk
‘Cause niggas fake, boy missed, on God
I bet you I’ll be active when I’m rich, on God
I bet you I could kill you without catching a high
And ShooterGang a family so I gotta provide
About mine, leave a nigga stopped at stop signs with Glock-9’s
Free Hundred Shots, free Mula, and free Vines
And buddy, you a boy, blood, I got your spine
Cover your back like I do Ali
I’m just happy that you niggas breathe without a machine, on B’s
Pourin’ out opps, I ain’t kickin’ no lean (Nah)
Ham and cheese, bitch, you gotta play for my team
When I’m hella geekin’, Deray know what I mean
And so do Sama, Jody flee him while he strapped with the beam
Squeeze standin’ in my corner, when I squeeze, he squeeze
And Pathi, bitch, you know it’s SSG
And when it’s bulletproof, a chopper shell won’t breach
You ask me, it’s ShooterGang ’til a nigga deceased
Off the dribble, bitch