Shootergang Kony – Foolery Lyrics

Man, how you think I got here?
I ain’t even finish my pushups
Ayy, ayy, ayy

Dirty pistol in my whip, who I’ma shoot today with it?
Finna drop some mozzy on the Nookie chain, nigga
I don’t give her nothin’, you should do the same
She let me hit, then let you lick all on her pootie tang
Ask me how I got my shot, I used to hoop with Bang
I hit him from the range, I ain’t like the set he bang
I named my glizzy Steady Hand just ’cause they look the same (Facts)
Spent so much on this Versace, could’ve bought a chain (Huh?)
I got ex-bitches lurkin’ on my page, can’t get through to me
If you ain’t tryna strip or bust a date then you a fool to me
I don’t leave the crib without my yeeky or my jewelry (No)
You talkin’ on them phones about a case, I call it foolery
I just got a pick, I had to run it back
I don’t run from niggas, I just run off with a nigga’s sack
Talkin’ out your neck behind my back, that’s gon’ get him whacked
I don’t even like the gun, I just like the way it slap
Baby, I got cumstains on this black tee, hope she don’t see
Only child, so I don’t need no company to come for me
I got bitches in the lobby, you don’t gotta f**k with me
She wasn’t tryna eat the dick, so I laid down and went to sleep (Snorin’)
By the time that I awake, I hope you get the hint to leave
I can’t tell her that I know, but she just let the homie hit
After hours goin’ stupid, it get dark, we ’bout to bend
I’m a killer in the flesh, I’ll leave you wet without the dream, uh (Uh-huh)
Ayy, pull-up game like Dirk Nowitzki (Hah)
Never had a job, but like I do, you better tip me
Slidin’ through my section once again, you better hit me
I just caught an opp lackin’, oh my God, somebody pinch me
You be hatin’ when your bitch be on my dick, you wanna beat her
You know if she had the chance, she’ll lick the bottom of my sneakers
Shit, I’d lick them hoes too, they Balenci’ anyway
Hit the streets and do the suckers like I did ’em yesterday
We gon’ hit a nigga block like a dump truck
Super Mario, I hit his head, he give me 1-up
Icy in this bitch, shit, I be shining ‘fore the sun up (Ayy)
If you pull a thing on me, then you gon’ die before the gun up
Hella niggas wanna kill me, I be laughin’ at that shit (Bitch)
40 on my waist, you know I’m accurate from the hip
Bet I make her cum ’cause I be accurate with the dick
He don’t bang up in the county ’cause he actually a bitch, hah

Hah, hah, hey