Iniquity Rhymes – Irreplaceable Lyrics

Welcome to another Sunday Rhyming Commentary
I recommend to the few of you who like to rap along with me while you read the lyrics
That you start to breath in right now…
Keep going haha

Irreplaceable kid no beats are safe they’re deep in
I’m wicked on the bass I promise I’m leaving no trace of victims
Stickin to my ways of rippin’ bitches, I replaced equippin’
Weapons of mass destruction with switches to deface your children
Dishing out beatings with power to erase a building
Or the eiffel tower the holy grail of bars I am wielding
You can bow down now or cower and learn to embrace this feeling
Don’t fake your paperchasin now you’re “on one”? I’m on a million
Million clouds of ecstasy if you want truth
If hip hop was the hostess my place to be would be in the booth
My mind’s the bartender concocting music into something rude
Then I let the bars tender what I’m worth with limits not subdued
And I bring it to you raw blender’s on I’m mixing something screwed
I say things you’ll remember on the very day your life concludes
It’s a seminar I’ll teach you something dude
I will remain in my commune because I’m aiming for the moon