Supertones – Superfly Lyrics

Superfly Lyrics

We came with jams equipped,
I brought some rhymes to spit,
beats to move your feet and hips,
Jesus in these lyrics,
we haven’t stayed here all these years to be no superstars,
for those who thought we went away well people here we are,
LP number 5 and we have not begun to get it done,
Christ the focus can you feel where i am comin’ from?

Can you hear this?
Better turn it up,
and when you feel me then it’s loud enough,
come on everybody dont be shy,
just come inside you’ve got a right to rock the superfly

We came to rock the sureshot,
we came to do the robot,
hate and stress alleviation,
spiritual inspiration,
we want to elevate your mind to think on the most high,
we came to lift your spirits up so people that is why,
we educate and put this information onto tape,
and demonstrate the common grace of God but hold up wait