Cook Thugless – Sweet Coffee Lyrics

Sweet coffee, soft nicotine
Offbeat dark poetry
My heartbeat drums with the
Fall leaves and soon I will with the
Seasons breeze come and go
Fall asleep with your drawing on my wall
I repeat this: Unattainable
‘Til my teeth grit down to the bone

Sweet Coffee
She floating now
She’s the girl at the party dressed up as a cloud
I’m the prick with the cigarette
Hanging half lit out my mouth
I would try to bring you down
But your curls look better
With the full moon dripping down your sweater
And your cotton candy body
Got my roller-coaster rocking
Off of nothing
Often smoking something
Sippin’ sweet coffee

Like, where are we now?
Wonderland Alice tumbling to the ground
Scrambling over the trembling sound
Over the town
Lovely now
Look at the princess without a crown
Sweet Coffee
Espresso shot me
Got me lofty
Caused me to spin off-key
Stop me
I can’t speak
My knees are weak
You bleed caffeine
I breathe in deep morphine
So sweet coffee