Lil Wayne – Dedicate Lyrics

[Intro: Lil Wayne & 2 Chainz]
If it wasn’t for Wayne, it wouldn’t be
You tatted your face
Bugatti, new boo
You screamed suu whoop
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
You bought a Bugatti, so you can flex
Most of the bad bitches your ex

[Verse 1: Lil Wayne]
Tattoos, suu whoop, Bugatti, new boo
New subject, new paper, new Class, new school
New buddies, new haters, new ass, new boobs
Much later, too soon, too bad, too cool
Too hot, too lit, too high to move
Two eyes to view, but too blind to bloom
Who lied to you?
Two middle fingers that’s up high to whom
It may consume, kaboom, goddamn
Who knew that I am the guru with voodoo
That sued you to high hell
With shooters that shoot through the iron man
And see through the con man and now he a dyin’ man
I turned a goddamn into a God’s Plan
Go over the diagram and get to the job, man
Watch for the spycam
Sit back and watch and do not watch your watch hand
Give me some time, man, I am the bomb, man
I’m gon’ swim ’til I come out on dry land not on the fryin’ pan
No we did not land on Plymouth Rock
But it landed on our land, now I’m just buyin’ land
Back to the block where they got more rock fans
Than a fuckin’ rock band under a rock, man
We need Barack, man, I do what I can
To keep it solid as a you know what I’m sayin’
With some rock playin’

[Chorus: 2 Chainz & Lil Wayne]
You tatted your face and changed the culture (you changed)
You screamed suu whoop and them gangsters loved you (yeah, yeah)
You bought a Bugatti so you could flex (so you can flex)
And most of the bad bitches your ex

[Verse 2: Lil Wayne]
I started this shit, you just part of this shit
I’m the heart of this shit, and the heart doesn’t skip
Take the heart of yo’ bitch, ’cause like Bart, you a simp
And your water don’t drip so your garden ain’t shit
You just countin’ the money, I’m drownin’ in money
Like, “Where the fuck is the lifeguard in this bitch?”
I go Mars in this bitch, watch me orbit and shit
For the art of this shit, Andy Warhol and shit
Go retarded as shit, you go sweet tangy
I go tart on this shit, I’ma barf on this shit
I’m a martian and shit, you a offerin’, lil’ bitch
If I taught you some shit, that’s like Harvard, lil’ bitch
You ain’t talkin’ ’bout shit but you softer than shit
Walk it like you talk it, now you walkin’ in shit
I go Marvel movie on some marvelous shit
In the spotlight too long should be darker than this
This is Tha Carter, lil’ bitch

[Chorus: 2 Chainz & Lil Wayne]
You tatted your face and changed the culture (you changed)
You screamed suu whoop and them gangsters loved you (yeah, yeah)
You bought a Bugatti so you could flex (so you can flex)
And most of the bad bitches your ex

[Verse 3: Lil Wayne]
I started this shit, they borrowed this shit
I thought of this shit, they thought it was it
I’m doggin’ this shit, they bark and they sit
Put a fork in that shit, which straw to look in
I brought in this shit, the starters get benched
The artists get sent, then targets get hit
Billion dollar smile
I sell myself short if I grin, I’m bargainin’ then
Apartments and shit, I could park in this shit
In the foreign car that I could talk to and shit
With a cultural bitch I can talk to and shit
‘Bout the culture and shit, how I altered this shit

[Refrain: Lil Wayne]
Tattoos, suu whoop, Bugatti, new boo
Tattoos, suu whoop, Bugatti, new boo
Tattoos, suu whoop, Bugatti, new boo
All of that shit, just tha Carter lil’ bitch

[Outro: Lil Wayne, 2 Chainz & Barack Obama]
You changed, suu whoop (you tatted your face)
Bugatti, new boo (you screamed “Suu whoop”)
Tattoos, suu whoop, Bugatti, new boo
Tattoos, suu whoop, Bugatti, new boo
(If it wasn’t for Wayne, it wouldn’t be)
They might think they’ve got a pretty good jump shot, or a pretty good flow. But our kids can’t all aspire to be LeBron or Lil Wayne!

Montana of 300 – Lambo Lyrics

All she do is get cash like a fuckin’ check
And make ’em take it out like a fuckin’ ref

She got her dough up, yeah she got her dough up
She got her dough like a Lambo
And you know how we rockin’, you ain’t from the bottom
You probably wouldn’t understand though
Whenever she dance though, they letting bands go
She pick it up off the damned floor
Then she bring it to daddy then sit on my pipe like a bike
And she ride with no hands though
She like to ride with no hands
She like to she like to ride with no hands though
I make her come fast like a Lambo
She like to ride on my dick like a Lambo
She like to ride with no hands
She like to she like to ride with no hands though
So when we get done countin’ these bands though
She gone ride daddy dick like a Lambo

[Verse 1]
She poppin’ that pussy she poppin’ that pussy
Like she got unlimited ammo
Ass perfect and fat and she twerking
It’s cappin’ she workin’ at Magic Orlando
Her family be trippin’ because she be strippin’
But really they don’t understand though
How shorty be workin’ that pole
Is like watching Beethoven up on the piano
Me and shorty got one thing in common (What’s that?)
We got money off the damn floor
I let her wear my bandana
Then came out that water
Bustin’ like I’m Rambo
These bitches be on me I’m looking like money
They want [!]
Got these bitches wonderin’ if that’s a dick print
Or a gun in my pants though
I am not with the flaugin’, no camo
I’m in my bag like I sack race
You say you gone ride but you all caps
I’m deletin’ your type like a backspace
She droppin’ that ass like it’s heavy
She make my D jump like a [!]
We cut no machete, step in with that strap
No Giuseppe, been saucing on ’em like spaghetti
I ball out like Fetty


[Verse 2]
Shorty’s a keeper, she shake that ass like a seizure
Come home and blow like a speaker
Blowin’ like reefer, cold with the top like a freezer
She know all my spots like a cheetah
She throw it back, I catch it like a receiver
She like me ’cause I go deeper
She follow my lead
We been on the same track like a feature
Might have to lick her like tequila (woo, woo!)
That’s my lil’ baby she say that she love it
Whenever I FaceTime and call her
That pussy be drippin’ it’s water
When we be fuckin’ she let me record her
I got good D I’m a baller
Titties ‘n ass in this bitch like Tha Carter
I’m in the walls like a charger
Shorty ride me ’til I bust like a charter
Her sauce on infinity pussy [!]
Titan, no she’s not from Tennessee
Her co-workers feelin’ me but she ain’t worried
She schoolin’ them bitches, assembly
‘Cause she like [!] bounce like a pogo
Shorty go down and come up like a yo-yo
Go nuts like a low blow
Just like a locksmith
My baby gettin’ to that dough, though

Lil Wayne Previews A Fire Remix To Kendrick Lamar Classic “DNA”

Kendrick Lamar‘s single DNA is already a classic and now Lil Wayne wants to make it better.

Lil Wayne will be dropping his highly anticipated new project Dedication 6 on Christmas Day, but before the mixtape arrives, the rap legend previews a remix to Kendrick Lamar’s song “DNA” and it sounds fire. In a video posted on SnapChat on Thursday, Weezy previewed the upcoming song while getting his fans hyped up over D6. You can listen to the preview below and you will hear “DNA” instrumental playing in the background.

“#D6 I might just release some early,” Lil Wayne captioned the video. Weezy announced earlier this month that his new mixtape Dedication 6 is set for a December 25th release date, so while your enjoying your Christmas parties you can bump some new music from Lil Wayne. “It’s time! Sign up for updates and music before drop date! To My fans, I do this for y’all! #D6 MERRY CHRISTMAS,” he wrote on Twitter.

We don’t have a tracklist for Dedication 6 yet so its hard to tell if there will be any guest features on the project, but Drake did hinted last week that he might have a guest. “There is a good chance that Drizzy will be on D6 and it will be a banger,” sources said. D6 will be the first project from Lil Wayne in a while since his music has slowed down significantly due to his fallout with Cash Money Records and Birdman. At the top of 2017, both he and Birdman briefly made peace and promised his fans that his long awaited album Tha Carter 6 will be arriving sometime in the year, but it has not been forthcoming and Weezy is still suing the label and his former friend and mentor for $51 million.

Listen to a preview of Lil Wayne’s remix to Kendrick Lamar’s single “DNA” below.

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