Abdul Kay – Right Now Lyrics

Right now, right now [x4]

[Verse 1]
January 31st ’97
Since the day I left my mothers womb
I’ve known exactly what I gotta do
They on a buzz I’m on a roll because I gotta move
I can’t be chasing a shot, ’cause I’m chasing my shot
And I’m placing it all on the line
Tryn’ board on a flight
To the f**kin’ moon
Stop callin’ my line it’s too much to do
No callin’ my bluff I’m the f**kin’ truth
Better know it’s the kid
Got ’em scared ’cause I know I’m the shit
And my strength come from more than a fist
Still I’m holdin’ it stiff
‘Til I’m gone with wind
Motherf**ker I can almost taste the soul in my spit
And it tastes right
I mean it tastes righteous
Man who’s really making plays like this
On a late night tip
Tryna make mine quick
And then leave
It’s the kid to believe
Ain’t trippin’ off the shit that they need to survive
I, got my people I’m fine
I, got myself and my damn heartbeat
It’s a vibe, I’m free as the sky
Why leave it to time
I’m free to decide my route
No need to define my moves
‘Cause it’s freedom inside my roots
Lil’ Ethio-King and I….

[Hook x2]

Don’t got nothing in my way right now
Told Ma nothing they could say right now
Don’t got nothing on my plate right now
But I’m coming for the pay right now
No playin’ right now
It’s a long way up but a plane ride down
Don’t play right now
It’s a long way up but a plane ride down
Don’t play right now

[Verse 2]
Another day, another moment to love
Another day, another moment to stunt
Another day another hoe nigga hopin’ I’m gon’ give it up
But I don’t give a f**k
Man I will never back down
I’m tryna change this damn town
It’s too many of us cracked out
Lost in the background
Somebody’s gotta stand out
And to each his own
But please behold
Smoke in your lungs not closing the hole in your heart
Brother open your soul
Stop closing it up
Get closer to love
Coz we all find ourselves in the dark my guy
You can only find yourself when it’s hard sometimes
I just hope that I can reach you in time
And if I’m reaching it’s fine
I’m speaking my mind
And my heart, why lie
I ain’t never been the one to be holding my tongue
Fist in the air, middle finger to the world I been holding it up
Watch me glow in the sun
I’ma grind all day
I’ma shine all night
They can loathe if they want
So unload if you want
But I’m coming for the world no slowin’ us up
Said I’m comin’ for the world I ain’t tryna be home in a rush
And I don’t got…

[Hook x2]

Right now, right now [x4]