Botanist – Upon Veltheim’s Throne Shall I Wait Lyrics

Here, upon my living throne of Veltheimia
My cathedra of emerald and red
I await the time of the great passing
(Into which the world shall be led)

The end of the era of the slow death
Into an infinite time of glory
Closing the age of waste
The earth draws new breath

Surrounded by my future kin, I wait
My floral brethren sole companions
And the fauna with which they live
Symbiotically they thrive

Guided by voices am I
The words of master Azalea
Directing my purpose
For the glory of the Budding Dawn

I am promised a place amongst them
An equal in the continuum of chlorophyll
Conscious yet drifting
All of one mind
Each with his own role
Each with his perfect place
Existing blissfully
In an endless cycle of reincarnation

Reborn forever as one of the Verdant Realm
Drifting glacially in Nature’s utopia
I am to be granted a place in the vegetal horde
In a perfect balance
Living, dying, and falling to the earth
To rise anew

War and hate curse them all
Death by their own hands
Nature revolts
Tides shall rise
All shall be wiped away

Watch them die from my throne
Alone I sit as their world ends

The suffering shall end
When the oppressors come to pass
I shall watch them crawl to their doom
From my haven of green
Where fauna is my kin
From my cathedra of emerald and red
Surrounded by floral brethren
Upon Veltheim’s throne
Shall I wait