JINX (jr.) – Allow Me To Assist lyrics

Let Me try an introduce myself, as hard as it may be.
To any Country Man or Women, from any other Country.
Integrated like I just jumped Ship, broke the Chain and made My escape, but I’d be going backwards.
What is expected of the Migrants has already been done.
A Prisoner of a War, but many of You don’t know because You wasn’t here for that one.
Ignoring everything that We achieved from cracking whips and breaking backs to take it all back.
To becoming Rulers of the World to pick up the slack from another.
Watching Life fall in ruin and what is going to happen to the others.
But all of Us should know about bread and butter, when People make a toast and the moment when We got nothing.

A Rescue Kit for the Homeless and a Rescue Squad to take them in.
If most of Us are starving, then where is it going to end.
Let me guess, when the old folks are enslaved and the young minds are corrupted.
It’s a cycle of Life that Generations can’t seem to fix.
Some People might be happy with it all, because they mix.
Whether You blend in or not You’re looking at all You’re gonna get.
A War over material things and colors and a free World Hallucinogenic.
While the Elderly find it hard and the Infants are getting sick.
Many don’t see a problem, as long as they can be part of the pick.

I know some of Us out there may find it a little hard to follow.
Like they find it hard to lift a fork to take it all in and swallow.
You know someone got them a brand new piece for Christmas, while one of Us would be satisfied with a little food and some dishes.
For New Years’ many People will be ready for a whole new year of this.
Drinking trying to stand up around explosives and blowing kisses.
The real reason why things like this happen is…
Everybody see the point and every one of them seem to miss.
Like a saying gets back to Us all, like Envy is bliss.
You have to get to know yourself, because I can no longer assist.