Kweku Collins – Your Song Lyrics

[Verse 1]
And I believe, in possibility (yeah)
And I believe, in love’s ability (yeah yeah)
But he don’t see (no) what love’s supposed to be (no no)
What he could be, if only he was free (now tell ‘em)
Meet the man with the fire in his eyes
Meet the one with desire in his heart
All alone he’ll defy their every law
He refuses to play his written part
He’ll hide in the refuge of his mind
Terrified of the voices in the dark
Trying fight all them evils best he can
Cause he knows he will die if it’s a loss
He ain’t think he deserve no kind of love
He ain’t think that his partners ever got ‘em
He believes he ain’t never good enough
He believes he the cause of every problem
He ain’t speak but the pain inside him does
Telling lies say the world be fine without him
He believes in the power of his heart
But he thinks everybody has the power
(Ayo) And he’ll never be irrelevant
Forever in our memory
And leave us when he’s done
(Yeah) Little does he know
He ain’t never been alone he just didn’t ever see us
And find peace on his own
He the piece of a whole
One day he’ll fill the hole up
Tell him everything is everything and everybody love him and I hope that he sees it now

[Chorus x2]
If you feeling lonely, say this your song
I’m saying if you feel alone, keep holding on
It’s gonna get better
It’s gonna get better

[Verse 2]
She heard them promises
Found hope in every one
But you see the problem is
They come with smoking guns
Feel like the politics
And the liars always come
Till you get to the bottom
Where the darkness overrun (yoyo)
Meet the one with the mightiest of souls
With the power to conquer all the world
Meet the girl who will hide in the shadows
Against her love for the Sun on the Earth
With the eyes that don’t ever miss a thing
And the mind to remember what she see
She got something the world ain’t never seen
But the issue is
She don’t ever believe, she could ever be loved
She don’t have the faith, she don’t have the trust
If only she could see, what everybody does
She would sing this song, and believe in what she sung
She would hold every moment a little bit closer and keep her heart wide open
She would devote every note she done wrote to herself to the notion of staying hopeful
She would blow every kiss to the whole population ’cause happiness is normal
And she would live every day in the wake of the last but at last she don’t run away no more

[Chorus x2]

[Outro x4]
Pac said keep your head up
Keep your head high, said
Pac said keep your head up
Keep that head high, said