Vitriol – I Drown Nightly Lyrics

Rolling waves encircle, pulsing in snarling crests
The recoiling lips of oceanic wolves
They bare their teeth, and I can’t close my eyes tightly enough
They’re redefining fear

A predatory darkness salts adolescent wounds
A writhing, swirling murk
A truer death has found me

It pierces doubt and body totally;
I am a lamb of this sea

In peakless bounds they find the feet of the holy
Heaven’s veil torn upon teeth
The titans are worldless
They’re furious, and it’s humbling

I sit in the eye of crushing black
I guard my ears –
I’ve always done that, even as a child

Their arms find their way beneath my own, and they fold me into reaches I know nothing of:
Mysteries unveiled through unparalleled aggression

The things I see the deaf can hear –
If you only knew

At the heart of it all, I do want this
It’s a torture not known to most
I never sleep. I drown nightly

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