Vitriol – Victim Lyrics

I can see the blades you’ve placed
The ones you dance upon (On which you squirm)
Forcing movements that beg us to believe that the pain is foreign
You don’t know what it is to be gutted
A black knife, searing and hungry
What I wouldn’t give to find its home in you (twist)
To find your fear and pray it dissolves you
Soft hands and a soft mind
A self-loathing, self-righteous excuse
Your suffering’s endless
I watch you carve your skin
Milked ribbons they coil and wilt
A bloated gut oozing your sorrow so slow and tender
Weakling, may your sorrow bring fruition
I hope that you find the pain you believe this world has built for you
Your feeble shell crushed beneath a steady and rigid boot
A whimper, a whispered weakness, a miserable fetal heart
That only knows the warmth of a guiding hand
Insect, craven, deceiver
Never to know the flavor of accountability
Your tongue’s made sweet with pity and pleas

You grow richer with every limp-necked sorrow
You miserable f**king coward
And you deserve the worst that this hard and indifferent world has to offer

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